Sports For Weight Loss | Top Five

Sports are trusted allies in fighting extra pounds, but probably this is not news to you. However, as only certain foods are indicated for diets, so only certain sports are recommended for weight loss. There are many sports that you can practice, but not all are useful when you want to lose weight. Exercises involving the use of some static fitness equipment are ineffective for weight loss because it helps to increase muscle mass without accelerate the melting of fat deposits. Here’s what sports help you lose the most.

Top 5 weight loss sports :

1. Jumping rope is one of the favorite sports of your childhood, is an excellent way through which you can lose weight. One hour of jump rope helps you burn between 800 and 1200 calories, depending on the weight that you have. Besides that melts body fat, jumping rope has other benefits: tone your body, you entertain and increases your endurance. Is the most efficient exercise for fat burning.

2. Cycling. In the park, around the block, on the mountain, no matter where you ride, you will only benefit from this sport. Why? Because cycling involves almost all muscles of the body:  abs and buttocks, the muscles of the thighs, legs and the arms. An hour of bike riding a little faster helps you burn up to 1000 calories. More about cycling-
3. If you are passionate about dance, you will definitely want to try zumba, the new sport-sensation that combines fitness with gym, dance and fun. In other words, zumba is the type of sport that helps you lose weight, but also helps you to forget the stress and have a great day. Do one hour of zumba and you’ll burn 500-1000 calories. Even if you leave exhausted from zumba sessions, at least in the short term you can display a toned body, a few pounds lighter. More about Zumba-

4. Running is one of the most healthy and effective sports that you can practice. One hour outdoor running helps you burn between 600 and 800 calories, depending on your physical condition and the speed that you run. If you’re running early sessions, it is best not to force the body. Leave him a period of adjustment to avoid muscle soreness. Over time, as you get more strength, you can increase your running distance and speed. And even run in slope, which is harder, but effective. More about running in slope-

5. If you do not know how to swim, it’s time to learn, especially if you want to practice a sport very effective for weight loss. An hour of swimming in the pool or in the sea, help you burn between 400 and 600 calories. Also, swimming strengthens joints, muscles develop, combat unsightly appearance of cellulite and improves circulation.

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