15 Things Every Girl Who Has Played With Dolls Will Understand

Those were the days when we gave emotions to plastic bodies and spun lengthy stories around them. Dolls were the vehicles of our creativity and imagination. Here are 15 signs you grew up with dolls.

1. The fun of playing bride & groom games with them

2. Use your brother’s HE-MAN as your doll’s husband/ boyfriend

3. But safeguard your dolls from him, else this will happen

4. Changing her dress and hairstyle a zillion times

5. Using plants, pillows to build castles for them

6. Make them walk your imaginary fashion ramp

7. One of your dolls will always be the evil vamp

8. Catfights among your dolls

9. You desperately tried to make her wear a saree

And used every piece of cloth in the house to make doll frocks and skirts

10. Using small toys as your doll’s kids

11. Staring at your dolls to decide which one looked better

12. Jazz them up with lipstick, nail polish

13. Organize Miss World competition among your dolls

14. The only birthday cake you dreamed of

15. Once you were done playing; this happened

And you cried for more dolls.

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