Hydrate Yourself | Foods Rich In Water

Hydrate yourself, but not only with water

Throughout the year, but especially in summer, you must hydrate your body. Although it seems easy, and the two liters of water (between 8 to 13 glasses of water) is the golden rule, things get complicated from one organism to another.

Although water is the first element that is dialed when you want to hydrate, excess fluid is not always the goal. It can only get you bloat, because our body can not absorb it all at once.

Nutritionists say that water hydrates up to 80%, while what we eat is more effective against dehydration, completing 20%. The reason? The liquids from the food are absorbed by the body in a more complex way.

hydrate with water

What foods contain water?

Fruits (melon, citrus) and vegetables (cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce) contain the highest amounts of liquid.

Chicken and fish contain about 65% water.

Foods that are consumed as close to their natural state are recommended, so smoothies and soups are favorites for all. Then, experts recommend you drink as much tea – especially the green – at room temperature.

If you can not eat enough plenty of fluids, try to eat something salty, but in small quantities. Take care because the salt makes the body retain fluid and this is not recommended.

hydrate with water