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Apple iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c Launched

While I was making this post the apple iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c launched so I decided to include some images at the end section and some here.

White iPhone 5c

iphone 5c white

Blue iPhone 5c

Blue iPhone 5c

iPhone 5 Launched Finally

iphone 5s launched finally

iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c with finger print scanner Expected to be Releasing between 10-20, Sep, 2013, 5c would the cheaper but not cheap and iPhone 5s will be at the front end of the selling line. 

When will we be able to get our hands on iPhone 5s?
 Expected Coming Soon and Confirmed after few Days-

iphone 5s release date

Are you going to buy new iPhone 5 ??? I would suggest you to wait a little, Cuz today would be the most worst day to buy new iPhone, Apple just announced they are going to give surprize on Tuesday, 10, September.  The meeting is going to be held tomorrow, so take a long breath and sleep tight  tomorrow’s night.

The meeting is going to be held in San Francisco, Internal employers from the apple inside revealed a news, two new models are expected Top end model is iPhone 5s and the other cheap one model with a feature of finger print is also expected.

The event invite id out-.
Yes the event is not so far

iPhone 5s iPhone 5c

Explosion is taking place soon, Just hold your breath and make up your mind to see the new exciting devices.

Which means the new iPhone is on its way.
Yes We Believe and everyone believe..!

iPhone 5s New way

iPhone’s Expected Features

What about the Camera?
Expected to be more than 12-MP with new controls, also containing new features like image edits

iphone 5s camera

  • In the last breakout that’s the iPhone 5 was released with 8 megapixel camera with panorama as build in feature. It’s expected iPhone 5s comes with 12 MegaPixel or more than  12-MP Camera with various beautiful colors.

iphone 5s camera sample

  • If you are iPhone user, you would know there are some entertainment apps in Apple Store which allows user to lock their iPhone after registering their fingerprints but those applications were just for entertainment, they were fake, there was no scanner which can scan user’s fingerprint.
Will we see a new fingerprint scanner in iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c.
Yes, its a leaked news from one of the apple’s employee..

iPhone 5s finger print

  • Yes its expected there is new feature either in iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c that is fingerprint scanner, which will allow user to unlock iPhone using fingerprint,  It will be real and the only owner would be able to unlock its iPhone. This feature also adds more security and reliability to iPhone reputation.
Can we expect radically different device from Apple?
Yes, Apple always launches smashing heart taking  gadgets.

Apple iPhone 5s think Different

  • There are some leaked images of iPhone 5s, which clearly shows there is some changing in the Home button of new upcoming iPhone. If you see in image below, its clearly visible a silver ring is engraved around the Home button.

iPhone 5s Leaked

  • The iPhone 5c is expected to be launched in new different eye catching colors, These girls really like colorful phone’s which is really good news for girls but not good for boys. Colorful Phone looks in girl’s hands. This version of iPhone is cheaper in price but not cheaper in quality. Apple always ensures quality, With these advancement its also expected older iPhone’s will drop their prices.

iPhone 5s design

  • There are many rumors about iOS 7 release date, but since soon Apple is launching new iPhones so its also expected Apple will announce new release date of and new useful features of iOS 7.
Which iPhone should I buy ? The iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c.
You must try both to get familiar with all flavours of Apple devices, If your family member like your brother or sister is going to buy iPhone 5s you should  try iPhone 5c.

iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c

iPhone 5s Expect Front look Back Look Will Be like iPhone 5

iphone 5s real

Will the iPhone 5s have enough bite to rein back the Samsung Galaxy S4 ? 

Its my question to you people, looking forwards to your answers-!

iPhone 5s vs samsung s4

Yellow iPhone 5c Colorful Phone

iphone 5c colorful iphone

Pink iPhone 5c New SmartPhone

Pink iPhone 5c New SmartPhone

Green iPhone 5c New Color’s Concept

Green iPhone 5c New Color's Concept