30+ Beautiful Quotes for Beauty

The Different ways that will make your life more happy are;Accept the things you can not change.if you can and want to change them,do it.Let go of the people who are holding you down.if you considered them,you already know who these people are.Blast your favourite up beat song and sing at the top of your lungs,dancing as you.Go for a run.a nice,long run.run until you feel good;at the very least,you will be tired enough that the feeling will seem less major.Call someone you love.just hearing their voice can make your day better.Smile at a stranger.it will make both of you smile.Send an anonymous compliment.Write down everything you don’t like about yourself.rip it up.bum it.Watch your favourite movie.Realize that you are your own biggest critic.people do not see the faults in yourself  that you do.so realize that they are not faults,not imperfections.they make you,you--.People who are attracted to you because of your pretty face or nice body won’t be by your side forever.but the people who can see how beautiful your heart is will never leave you-Sometimes,when people decide to leave you for good,you have to let them.no matter how much you don’t want them to.there are something that are far beyond our control.even if you have the strength to fight for them,you have to accept the cold harsh truth.the people that you can’t live without,can live without you.

A Room Without Books

A room without books is like a body without a soul. Beautiful Quotes

Everything Beautiful

Everything beautiful has its moment and then passes away..

Beautiful Quotes

Laugh,Love,Move On And Share

Laugh because that is your purpose in life.love because that is what you came here for.move on because you need to live your life.share because it  is demanded of you.

Beautiful Quotes

Most Extraordinary

The simple things are also the most extraodinary things,and only the wise can see them.

Beautiful Quotes

Remember That

Remember that what you believe will depend very much on what you are.

Beautiful Quotes

Problems And Solutions

No one will manufacture a lock without a key.similarly God won’t give problems without solutions.

Beautiful Quotes

A Beautiful Life

A beautiful life does not just happen,it is built daily by prayer,humility,sacrifice and hard work.

Beautiful Quotes

Your Choice

Life is like a rollar coaster.it has its ups and downs.but it’s your choice to scream or enjoy the ride.

Beautiful Quotes

Each Moment Of Life

No man in this world is rich enough even to buy his own past.so live each moment of life.

Beautiful Quotes

New Eyes

The only real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes,but in having new eyes.

Beautiful Quotes

Keep Smiling

Keep smiling,because life’s a beautiful thing and there’s so much to smile about.

Beautiful Quotes

You Don’t Have To

You don’t have to disrespect and insult others simply to hold your own ground.if  you do,that shows how shaky your position is.

Beautiful Quotes

Beautiful Saying

Two things helps you to be successful in life.the way you manage when you have nothing,the you behave when you have everything.

Beautiful Quotes

Supposed To Be There

If you can’t get someone out of your head,maybe they are supposed to be there.

Beautiful Quotes

You Are Beautiful

You are beautiful and nobody has the right to make you feel like you’re not.

Beautiful Quotes

The Beauty

Beauty isn’t makeup.

Beautiful Quotes

Never Let

Never let your memories be greater than your dreams.

Beautiful Quotes

Want To Feel Rich

If you want to feel rich just count all the things you have that money cannot buy.

Beautiful Quotes

There Are No Fact

There are no fact,only interpretations.

Beautiful Quotes

Be Calm In Your Heart

It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise,trouble or hard work.it means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm  in your heart.

Beautiful Quotes

I Am Ready

Dear past,thank you for all the lessons.dear future i am ready.

Beautiful Quotes

To Love Beauty

To love beauty is to have only that.but to have goodness is to be beautiful too.

Beautiful Quotes

Everything Has Beauty

Everything has beauty,but not everyone sees it.

Beautiful Quotes

Giving Up

Giving up doesn’t always mean you are weak-sometimes it means that you are strong enough to let go.

Beautiful Quotes

Who Cares For You

Remember,anyone can love you when the sun is shining.in the stroms is where you learn who truly cares for you.

Beautiful Quotes

Golden Words

The fundamental cause of trouble in the world is that the stupid are cocksure while the intelligent are full of doubt.

Beautiful Quotes

Rule Of Life

Everyone will not get everything,this is the rule of life,dont try to get which is not yours.but dont dare to loose which is yours..!understand

Beautiful Quotes

Follow No One

Learn from everyone,follow no one. Beautiful Quotes

Purpose Of Life

The pupose of life is to enjoy every moment.

Broken Heart Quotes

Remind Yourself

Remind yourself that it’s okay not to be perfect.

Beautiful Quotes