6 Twitter Apps you should have while Travelling

I think Twitter is the most essential word after Google. Daily introducing with new features is the main reason for twitter popularity. There are uncountable application are available related to twitter. The twitter application allows you to tackle with the needs. So, here we have collected some of really beneficial application to track flights, give your tweets location, share travel plans, send your position coordinates, find your tweeple traveling towards the same destination and more. Thanks to twitter for introducing us with a new way towards social media

1. ArrivedOK Twitter App

“Let your loved ones know that you have arrived OK by simply turning on your cell phone”. It is a personal flight arrival tracker. Automatically alert others about your arrival via Twitter, blogs, by SMS or email – right in the moment you turn on your cell phone after landing. The whole service is based on geographical coordinates of the travel destinations from its database to Twitter, so every arrival tweet is now geotagged, enabling your followers to see on a map the place where you just landed and have additional context when viewing tweets.

By default the geotagging service is disabled for Twitter users. Follow these links right now to enable geotagging in Twitter:

mobile – twitter.com/account/settings/geo
desktop – twitter.com/account/settings

2. TwtTRIP Twitter App

TwtTRIP is a travel organizer tool that helps you to share your travel plans, meet people and plan your next adventure on Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed or on any other social media site. It makes for arranging trips and communicating related information in the concise way that we associate with Twitter.
Why? – TwtTRIP is clean and simple to use. And it’s fun to meet other people while you travel! and its a free Twitter App.

How to use it? – When you’re at a trip page, you will see links to “Tweet this, Share on FriendFeed, Post to Identi.ca, Add to Facebook” at the top of the page. If you click on one of them, a default message is created with the TwtTRIP link (it will NOT update it for you, as we don’t require your account username/password. So you will need to login with your social network and you can review and modify the message before submitting it)

Add travel plans

3. Sat2Twitter Twitter App

With this application You can Twitter using your SPOT Messenger from anywhere in the world and they soon hope to add functionality for Thuraya, Iridium, and other devices. Sat2Twitter uses your Twitter login details to send updates, and also requires you to add a special email address to your ‘Status OK’ list of email address, inside the administration area for your device on Findmespot.com.

4. Twanslink Twitter App

Twanslink is a twitter service for all the Translink users in Northern Ireland. Is your bus late? Train running a little behind or had a good/bad experience? This is the place to let others know. What do you have to say? All you have to do is use the input field above to submit your messages.
How to use it? – Simple. All you have to do is use the input field above to submit your messages. Alternatively you can use #twanslink (instead of #translink) when twittering or talk to us using @twanslink. All the latest tweets are aggregated in the Twitter feed on this site.

5. TrainText.com Twitter App

If you are going to new place after travelling a little ahead, you dont have any idea about arrivals of trains in that area. Then you can login to your Twitter account and On-demand BART train times and information by direct messaging your request to @traintext

6. Tweetups Twitter App

A tweetup (Twitter speak for “meet up”) is an informal social gathering of people suffering from the same social media addiction.
Twtapps is the integration of part of twtvite and twtTRIP. So, when you create a twtvite, you now have the option to make it available to twtTRIP users. Besides that, there are a couple of other changes to twtvite too: You can add a Google map with the tweetup location, choose between making it public/private, and search for tweetups in your city!