20 Websites to Watch Free Movies Online without Downloading

In today’s fast paced world where people hardly find time to go out and enjoy, online movie streaming websites are a good source of entertainment. There are numerous websites that give you an option to download a movie or serial and then play it. The trend of downloading and watching movies became popular a few years back as it was quite economical as compared to going out and purchasing movie tickets or ordering a movie on your television sets. However, people soon lost interest in it as downloading movies was a very tedious and time-consuming task. The time taken to download a movie is almost as long as the movie itself. This means that much before watching a movie you will have to turn on your PC and start the downloading process. However, you can directly buy movies online but what is the need if you can watch them free.

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watch movies online for free

Apart from the unnecessary electricity consumption, there are other disadvantages attached to it too, for instance if there is a power failure, you’ll have to begin the entire downloading procedure again (though certain sites or systems give you the option of resuming it from where it was left; but most of them don’t). So basically the time involved is quite high. This is the reason why the service providers felt the need of creating online video-streaming. There are quite a few sites, these days that give you an option of watching movies online without downloading them. These sites have gained immense popularity because of the ease they offer. No more sitting in front of the computer and downloading for hours; just one click and you are on your way to watch your favorite movie. Below mentioned are 20 such sites that offer the facility of showing movies online without downloading them.


This is one of the most popular websites for watching movies online. It has a vast collection of both old as well as new movies. This is the right choice for you, especially if you are looking for new releases. Watch them for free on your favorite movie resource such as megavideo, fairyshare, etc.


You can log on to this site if you are looking for a good picture quality. Watch movies online without downloading them on your system. This is one of the top-rated online movie sites.

Movies Planet

This website has specially been designed for the people fond of watching movies. It has both the options; you can watch a movie online and also download it free of cost. Apart from watching a movie, you can also find out the latest movie gossip, biographies of your favorite actors/ actresses and other similar information on this website.


A good number of movies are available on this site. Also its picture quality is quite high as compared to its peers. However, if you are looking for new releases, this is not the right place for you. YouTube does not have access to the newly released movies.

Quicksilver screen

This is also a good site, if you are looking for movies online. Various movies from different genres are available here.


You can watch full movies on this website. The main attraction of this site is that it is available in a number of languages. However just like YouTube, you would not be able to watch new movies even on this site.


You can watch movies online on this website. There are thousands of movies available here for free. You can logon to this site and enjoy your favorite movie.

Google Video

You can search for the movie of your choice on this website. Though this site is mainly designed only to provide you further links for watching movies online, however, there are a few movies that are available on this website that you can watch directly.

Yahoo Video

This website also offers quality picture and sound. You can watch movies online on this site. It is easily accessible and there is no need to download the movies before watching.

Watch movies

This is another site that offers online movies. You can watch movies online on this website.

10 StarMovies

This is a good website for watching movies online. It also gives you an option of registering an account on Watch Movies Online, which is an online community for the movie buffs. Here, you can share movie reviews and discuss about the latest releases with the other community members.

Watch movies AZ

This website also has a wide collection of movies. You can choose the one that you like to watch and play it online.


This is a worth visit if you are interested in watching movies online. You can enjoy watching movies online without downloading them.

Solar movie

It offers good audio and video quality. There are a number of movies to choose from. You can also look for movie reviews on this website.


You can look for your favorite movies on this site as well. It offers movie ratings and also gives access to an online community where you can discuss movie reviews of different movies with the other community members.

Free Movies Addict

This website has specially been designed for the movie lovers. It contains a wide variety of movies. You can pick the one you want and play it with a single mouse click.


This website has a collection of more than 3000 movies. New releases are also available on this site. You can type in a movie name in its search engine and look for its availability. You can also look for a movie by putting its release date. If you are looking for movies of a particular genre, then you can open that category and play it online by just a simple click.

Full movies online

As the name suggests, you can watch movies online on this website. You don’t have to perform the dreary task of sitting and downloading it.


It is a treat to watch movies on this website. It offers an amazing picture and sound quality; so much so that even Yahoo TV uses it for playing movies. However, a major drawback of this site is that it works only on the US IPs.


Those of you who know Chinese and are fond of Chinese movies can log on to this site. You can enjoy high definition movies on this website by installing a software known as Kankan. Install it on your PC and watch as many movies online as you want.

Not only movies, you can also watch TV Serials Online. There are many sites that offer you this service. For more details, you can check out the article.