22 Best Streaming Sites to listen Music Online

With increasing advancements in technologies, entertainment for a person becomes very easy whether it is in the state of a movie or a song. To select the music of your own choice and download it makes music more entertaining. Also the services are very wide for providing free music legally.

If you have a choice of many best music streaming services they it would be easy for a music lover to choose music of your preferences. And in this article everyone will get the best suited services for you.

listen music Online

1. Grooveshark

Grooveshark lets you to create playlists for sharing them with other people also can share links to favorite’s songs via facebook, twitter etc. It makes you to play music on demand.

2. Pandora

In this case its very easy to get the music you want as you just have to enter the name of singer, album etc. Also it has a feature of “thumps up” and “thumps down”.

3. Spotify

Spotify is a standalone app that can play a number of songs on your demand even lets you to pick and choose whatever you want to play. Also it will connect with your iPod, iPhones and many other android devices. You can also install Spotify on Ubuntu using wine.

4. Last.fm

This service not only helps you to stream music but also provides a suggestion box for the music that should be available.

5. Lala

This is an app having 8 millions of songs to choose from for playing as well as purchase it online. You can also upload your own personal songs collection to this database.

6. Slacker

As much like as Pandora and Last.fm, you can listen songs based upon artist, album and genre. Also you have the option of “create custom station” to add ratings, music etc.

7. The Sixty One

The Sixty One allows you to stream as well as purchase music online on Amazon.com’s music store. It also allows users to vote for their favorites which are then bumped up the “top” or “down”.

8. Shoutcast

With the help of winamp, you can listen radio stations of your own choice from ten thousands of songs.

9. Aol Radio

This app has been powered by Slacker Radio provides you the music also sports, news, comedy stations and many more entertainments.

10. Jango

This Streaming service provides social networking features, promotion of artists, photos of artists, unlimited skips and many more qualities it have. All of the songs are available with excellent sound quality.

11. Mog

It is like a fully fledged music streaming service that follows up a subscription in which there will be a signing up process for downloading.

12. Maestro.fm

Just like an social networking site it have an searching criteria of music and also share it with your friends as well as store those songs via remote storage.

13. Rdio

Rdio is a human powered music discovery having millions of songs on demand. Also you can make a basic account which is very free and used for further downloading.

14. Google Music Beta

Sign up account for signing with your username and password and is a best way to stream the music with atleast 20,000 songs on demand and accessing them from any web connected computer and android device.

15. Rhapsody

One of the oldest music streaming service which not only play songs but also displays the lyrics of that particular song.

16. My Space Music

My space Music is a new service entered in the market having a huge library of songs and its becoming the most appealing service to attract new users towards it.

17. Amazing Tunes

Enter the name of your favorite song’s artist you want to hear and choose from the list of stations you will get that song.

18. DI.fm

DI aka Digitally Imported-Addictive Electronic Music 24/7, used for streaming music around the world and also offers premium upgrades for higher bit rates.

19. iTunes

iTunes already installed on your systems so it is very obvious that everyone is using this service. All you have to click on Radio link and can listen to different stations of internet of your own choice.

20. Live365

It has been provided for VIP’s and a mixture of free stations on internet covering all the genres.

21. MP3.com

Every song it covers and you just have to stream your favorite one for getting it free of cost.

22. SoundCloud

SoundCloud provides an excellent platform for the talented new comers to share their music. You can awesome music created by the people. But you cant download all tracks from SoundCloud due to Composer downloading restrictions, so you can use a tool Soundcloud Downloader from here.