25 Sure Ways To Spot A Startup Entrepreneur In India

The startup scene in India is maturing. What else can you expect from a knowledge hungry nation of passionate talented youngsters?

Here are 25 surefire ways to identify a startup entrepreneur in India.

1. They can pitch their startup anywhere..from elevators to chai tapdis


..from washrooms to boardrooms.

2. They quit an 8 hrs per day job to work for 16 hrs per day


..without a pay.

3. In a mall, when someone says “Fit”, they think of “Product Market Fit”


What did ye just say?

4. Their face glows when someone asks them about their product/startup


5. WiFi is their first and only love


That’s right.

6. They visit the salon & gym at odd hours on weekdays when there’s no rush


The perks of being an entrepreneur.

7. They can be found at every startup event


..trying to socialize with everyone.

8. They’re either extremely happy or extremely gloomy


There’s no room for moderate emotions in an entrepreneur’s life. True story.

9. All tech entrepreneurs suffer from right hand pain


Thanks to this.

10.  And dark circles


11. They can multi-task like a ninja

From being a CEO to office boy, sales and marketing, pitching investors to clients, they do it all.

12.They have the choicest of praises for each investor in town



13. They see opportunities everywhere


14. When their relatives ask them what they do for a living, they be like


Ab kya bolu isko.

15. They will argue if you bad mouth Open Source


16. They know that the best ideas usually come under the shower

You bet.

17. Every entrepreneur has atleast read THIS


18. Their roommates only see them at 3 AM at night


Like a warrior returning home.

19. If you ever dare to compare their startup with another startup, be prepared-


..for hours of long explanation on how they are different.

20. They don’t know what day of the week it is


..coz they work everyday.

21. You can take tips from them on how to survive on an intelligent monthly budget


Shoe-string budget? No problem.

22. They are the best people to talk about audacious ideas

None can empathize better. And they will always be positive and supportive.

23. They are a humble lot


Building a startup is a quick lesson in humility. The best entrepreneurs are the most down to earth too.

24. For them-


25. And finally, they’re unrealistic but determined


Entrepreneurs are not realistic, they dream the impossible and fight till they achieve that goal. They are hell bent on making a dent in the universe.

And they will.