25 Things That Happen To You In Your Mid-Twenties

Some things only unfold with time. The moment you realize you’ve seen it all, unexpected things happen. But again, life would be boring otherwise.

Fasten your seat-belts and wear a helmet. The road’s gonna get messy!

1. You will realize why Friday is the best day of the week


2. And, Monday the worst


3. You will understand why LinkedIn exists

..and probably spend some time ‘endorsing’ rather than ‘liking’.


4. Be sorry for not getting serious with the right person

..at the right time. :(


5. What happens when you leave your computer unlocked at office


You never valued the lock screen until you met prankster co-workers.


6. You will be in the wrong industry (or have a degree in something you hate)


Worry not, you’re not alone. Even Sachin wanted to be a Tennis player.


7. Facebook will be filled with engagement and marriage pics


..and those honeymoon pics we never asked for.


8. And when you will be told, “Your marriage is next”, you’ll be like


Kuch bhi?


9. You’ll have a job but-



10. You will realize that you work ONLY to pay your bills


True story.


11. Hangovers get real, unlike college days


12. And you start developing a taste for wine



13. Keeping the fuel tank above ‘Empty’


Pushing a motorcyle/car to a petrol pump at 11 PM at night. Not cool.


14. You ‘think’ of hitting the Gym but-

..it will take you another 10 years to realize that exercise is good of your health.


15. And you ‘think’ of eating healthier/organic food


..and never will.


16. You will need more formal clothes



17. You will miss long vacations


..coz only 20 holidays a year.


18. Serious talks with friends will revolve around quarter-life crisis


Clueless about where your life is heading? Welcome to the club, you’re not alone.


19. But you just can’t meet your friends everyday


Coz they will be either busy or tired. :(


20. That’s okay coz you will realize that relationships are more important than career/money

That’s right.


21. So you’ll value those 5 close friends than 200 just friends


5 > 200


22. Sometimes, you might run out of money and that’s okay


Everyone does. Keep calm.


23. People will hate you

If a few people hate you, you’re doing something right. Keep making that dent in the universe.


24. It doesn’t matter what people think of you


You cared too much about being cool and fitting in. Not anymore.


25. Finally, you will realize that your parents were always right


-about everything.