Who Would Play What If The Movie ’300′ Was Made In India

Presenting the Indian version of 300, the 2006 blockbuster movie. The Indian version would have been more than 3 hours with little Indian fights, 45 min songs, 1 hour romance and so on.

1. Deepika Padukone as Queen Gorgo


Beautiful, elegant, voluptuous, witty and Queen. Some girl action is the masala of Vada Pav.


2. Manoj Bajpai as Theron


Wicked, Chatterbox, Cruel and Lusty. Fits the criteria.


3. Saurabh Shukla as Persian Emissary



4. Irrfan Khan as Xerxes


The real slim shady stood up becoming the cruelest king.


5. Johnny Lever as Ephialtes


What could be more awesome than stubborn meets comedian.


6. Partho Gupte as Leonidas at 7



7. Parzan Dastur as Leonidas at 15



8. Nawazuddin Siddiqui as Persian Messenger


The Wasseypur leader is hired to send a simple message (just to alert them)


9. Raghubir yadav as Elder Councilmen


Soft and decent and robust and raw and old look.


10. Rahul Dev as Uber Immortal


Someone has to become a muscular giant!


11. Bruna Abdullah as Oracle girl


Sunny Leone would be good but let us respect Indian censor board.


12. Arjun Rampal as Captain (Artemis)


#GoodLeader #Emotions #FollowOrders


13. Siddhartha as Dilios


Your eyes are shattered, you don’t have to battle and you are just another messenger to the queen.


14. Sikander Kher as Stelios


2 things: Kill the Persian emissary and try to kill the Xerxes, that’s all he got in the movie.


15. Prakash Raj as Daxos


When Avengers, Iron Sky, GI Goe have Indians as cast, Bollywood have to have Prakash Raj look alikes.


16. Finally, John Abraham as King Leonidas


The ROAR is similar, physique is similar, Gerrard Butler and John Abraham are both popular among the masses. Fits the puzzle.

By Kartik Jha

Kartik is a 25×8 FC Barcelona fan and a never getting old football fad. Music is loved only when there is dubstep and raps. Strongly believes in writing, instead of reading. Check out his blog.