Mark Zuckerbergs Private Friends List Revealed

The new settings for you in Facebook have been revealed now.  It is a new friend list where your privacy setting will be “Only Me”. This kind of security setting has loads of escape route. It will not be totally private. This loophole is exploited by many people, mainly mutual friends can access information from this group. Your friends can always see the details of other friends of yours in case one of your friends’ profiles is public. The privacy settings are not very old and people have used for some time. Everyone knew that there is a loophole in this system, but nobody cares about it until a private organization CyberInt tried to exploit the loopholes by developing software. The software also modifies the private friend lists. There are other settings of your friend lists are available. If the friend list privacy setting is set to “Only Me” then also everybody will be able to see the common connections.

The mission of Facebook was to make a connection between everyone presence across the world. Hence, they have implemented the setting mutual friends. The advantage of this tool provides enough boosts to accomplish the mission of the company, but it prevents users from acquiring enough privacy as per their desire. This has been tested with Mark Zukerberg’s profile where he has a friend in his private friend list with a public profile. The mutual friends of both can see all the shared or common connections of both the person. Few prominent CEOs and cofounder of Napster Mr Sean Parker are in the friend lists of Mark Zukerberg. These are not surprising, though but you will get surprised when you will uncover the names like Robin Li, Alison Pincus and Mark Pincus etc. Robin Li is one of the founders of Baidu the Chinese search engine. He is also the third richest man in China as per Forbes. If you take as a test case Mr. Zukerberg and Sheryl Sanberg’s profiles, then you will be able to see no connections or mutual friends because both of them have hidden their friend list.

You even cannot confidently say that Zukerberg and Sheryl Sandberg both are friends. One of the spokesperson of Facebook did share his views on mutual friend settings, though he did not comment about Zukerberg’s profile. He defended by saying that in a friendship there are always two people and they have given transparent control over both the users. Both of them know that individually, then can share friend lists with people then want to and sometimes they do agree and also disagree but that happens in any friendship as well. It is up to the users to choose the set of people they want to share their friend lists. It seems that Facebook is not bothered about the mutual friend tool though in that case it should be same with Zukerberg’s profile as well. If Facebook does not even think of changing this feature, then this should not bother other users as well and each user of Facebook including Zukerberg should have in that case same feature in their profile.