Why do gamers love games so much?

You might have seen many gamers who are mad for a game. Generally games like Counter strike, GTA, assassins creed have many fans mad and waiting for the release of the next game. Gamers have taken it to the next level. They have built local communities to play the game.


What makes the craze for game?

  •  Local communities : These are the major craze generators for children. When they see one of their friend playing in the community and having fun. They also get excited and want to play. This way this thing gets so big and viral and a big community is grown. Similarly is the case of counter strike. The steam community is so big that people start living a second life in the game.
  • Game goodies: These are also one more driving force for game enthusiasts. Goodies like T-shirts, jackets, and other game related stuff generates love for the game. For example, Assassins creed fans love wearing the assassins creed jackets, Which creates an interest in people who see them wearing the jacket. The assassins creed game also has a hidden blade which is  also available on amazon.
  • Earning money opportunities: The games in the 21st century are not just games, they are a whole new world. Developers are becoming smart, they know how to attract people to play their game. They have added opportunities for people to earn real money while playing their games. Games like counter strike have a concept of clan matches where you can bet with other players who play the game.