Consumer rights: all about the warranty

Consumer comfort by acquiring a product is to know that on consumer rights if the product presents a problem being in the guarantee period will not be necessary to afford the repair of such product.

Given this fact so important and established by the code of consumer protectionou will meet, in this article, the three modes of security, namely: legal, contractual and the extended.

The legal warranty is consumer law by law independent forecast on contract, the consumer has the deadline of thirty days to complain of any problems that the product should present this being not durable as food.

In case of durable product such as a refrigerator, for example, the deadline for complaining is 90 days. It is important to know the consumer’s rights and know everything that is related to it, so let’s go to the contractual warranty, which is the one that the manufacturer adds to the product purchased by you.

Therefore this warranty mode is not mandatory, beginning his term as soon as the invoice is issued on the term and conditions set out by the company expressed in “warranty”.

This code protects the consumer even when buying at online stores regardless of being a tv, a wardrobe, a camera or something else.

Have the extended warranty, also offered as “super guarantee”, not related to the manufacturer of the product, is given by a third company that offers consumer and insurance has three subgroups: original, unique expanded and differentiated.

To the Instituto Brasileiro de Defesa do Consumidor this type of guarantee is not worth it, unless you really offer an advantage and should be properly evaluated by the consumer before hiring her.

It’s a lot easier to complain when you know the consumer’s rights and should be always informed so that no establishment fool you or take advantage before defective products, fight for your rights! Meat a brazilian site called: O dia do consumidor!