LG Power Cut EverCooL Double Door Refrigerators Specifications, Review with Price in India


LG electronics is a well known company that specializes in many products used in homes and outside. LG boost of terrific technology and great looks that have won a lot of praise and appreciation from the consumers. Refrigerators from LG have to be especially mentioned because they are now quite popular among household and are referred by many. Refrigerators from LG seem to have attracted consumers all over the world because of the features that are integrated in it and the wide range that is available with LG. cost of the refrigerators do not seem to bother the consumers, because they are set well and based according to the model and features. So the choice is there, if you want to have the best features, you have to pay more and if not then you still have a good one that twill last for a lifetime.

LG GL – 245BME5 CI features:

The model is all made with innovative Power cut EverCool technology that is the best feature in the refrigerator. The technology used here is to ensure that the refrigerator provides maintenance free functioning and for a lifetime. This feature helps to preserve food in their natural state for a long time. Vegetable, fruits and cooked food or even juices can be well preserved in their natural state with all the nutrients inside them for a long time. Even if there is a power cut for 6 hours, the refrigerator helps to control the temperature inside. Another exciting feature is the ice making feature. It is considered to be the NO.1 ice making refrigerator. It makes ice faster and can be stored well.

lg power cut ever cool

The LG refrigerator boosts of earning a 5 star rating, which means again there is a saving on bills and also power. Stabilizers are also not needed, because there is no need of it anyways. Voltage fluctuations can be worked out by the features integrated in it. The uniform cooling goes on even when the voltage conditions are extremes. Apart from this, the refrigerator comes with anti-bacterial gasket, which seals the nutrition and the freshness of the food intact. In fact it acts as a barrier that does not allow bacteria to accumulate in the seals of the door. Dust is also prevented very well from entering. Thus there are no build ups of mold spores, which are the main reasons for spoiling the food.

The storage capacity is also very large. Housewives will be happy to check the vegetable basket and the fruit basket provided, because, you can store almost a week’s grocery inside the refrigerator. The egg cum ice tray is a good option that can be very well utilized without breaking the eggs.


The built is great and comes with metallic VCM door finish. It has load bearing wire shelves, which are sturdy and solid. It is built with color cosmic inox and has transparent freezer door. The blaze handle looks very nice on the body. The edges are well shaped to give it a very sophisticated look. The stand completes the look and enhances the appearance to give it a little height. The capacity of the refrigerator is 235 liters, which is great for a small to medium family size.

Additional features:

Regular features like eh humidity controller has also been provided. It does look that it is an essential feature as it helps to maintain the air freshness inside. The deodorizer also works for the same and is very efficient as well.

The LG refrigerators price in India is Rs. 18,419 approximately.