Share Your Blog post on social Media more efficiently – 5 points you should remember

Are you a pro-blogger? Have you great content on your blog and you are worried because your content is not driving enough traffic to your blog? Then you need These tips to promote your blog. Social media is the best place to promote your posts with the people of same interest.

promote your blog on social media more effectively

promote your blog on social media more effectively

Never Neglect small Social networking websites

Your every blog post is like an asset for you and your blog. You have invested your time energy and money (if you hired a writer) to write that content, And you should do your best to promote it everywhere. Social media marketing is all about sharing your posts on social media. Social media does not only means Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, etc. It also includes some comparatively small networks like Quora, tumblr, and Empire Avenue because there your posts have to compete with lesser number of posts as compared to Facebook and Google+.


Join social groups and follow people with same interest

Only the people who are interested in the topic you have written about will click the link to your blog on social media. So more the people with same interest on social media more will be the traffic on your post through social media. You must join or create a group of such people on google+ and Facebook.


Create a unique title for each post

The title on your post must be convincing with appropriate information on what the article is all about. People first prefer to read the title before the actual post as it conveys 90% of the information about the post. Include Short description along with the link and you will get a hell lot of clicks.


Keep your description Small

Describe your article in less words else it gives a look of copy and paste to readers which reduces the interest of reader in the post. Write a short description which can include your views or a short overview which creates a curiosity among the readers of that post.


Create a fan page of your blog

Create a fan page of people and promote it as well. Paste the link of your page on that page as well because pages have a wide reach and also you can get some backlinks to your blog as well to your posts.


Promoting your article means to put it forward to as many people as we can and convince them to go ahead and click the link to your blog. After reading this article you may be interested to buy facebook likes. For more tips to promote your business on facebook keep visiting us. :)