Top 5 Places to Visit in Australia

Hi guys Today I am going to write about tourism, Top 5 Places to visit in Australia. I have never been to all of them but I really want to visit all of them! I hope this dream of mine comes to be true one day!
So here is the list of Top 10 Places to visit in Australia.

Great ocen road | Places to visit in australia1. The Great Ocean Road (Victoria)

The Great Ocean Road is arguably one in every of the simplest scenic drives of the planet. Its official length is 243 kms (approximately a hundred and fifty miles), however it’ll take you a full day to get pleasure from it as a result of the slim and windy traffic lanes (only one in every direction). It hugs the coast line with bird’s-eye views of the ocean and cliffs, and it winds its means through cool climate rain forests.
There are several beaches that you simply will stop and swim at on the drive, and conjointly varied townships, hikes, and different attractions for you to partake in.

2. The Grampians National Park (Victoria)

Located a hundred seventy five kms north of Warrnambool (the official The Grampians National Park.finish of the good Ocean Road) is that the Grampians parkland and therefore the administrative division of Halls Gap. The park is one,672 kmĀ² in size and is host to wonderful hikes, series of low-angled arenaceous rock ridges, and is one in every of the richest autochthonic rock art sites in south-eastern Australia.
Its beauty and grandeur area unit acknowledge to locals, and stuns all United Nations agency come back to go to. you’ll be able to nearly feel the magic of the autochthonic dream time legends within the land around you.

3. Sydney (New South Wales)

The Sydney Opera House with a sailboat in the foreground.While several Australian’s can scoff once they browse this, basic cognitive process Australia has several higher attractions, the explanation state capital has created the list is as a result of it’s such AN painting feature of Australia. For those of you have got created a flight from probably the opposite facet of the planet, if you come back and do not see state capital, it is a bit like progressing to Federal Republic of Germany and not drinking a brewage, or to England and not seeing London, or America and not making an attempt a hot dog.
There is masses to check and neutralize state capital except the well understand attractions of the Harbour Bridge, the opera, and Bondi/Manly beaches. state capital is host to the good Taronga facility, there area unit festivals on all year long, it’s steeped in Australian pioneering history, and far additional.

4. Byron Bay (New South Wales)

Located in New South Wales, simply south of the Australian state border, The main beach at Byron Bay.Byron Bay is popular not simply international tourists, however is additionally a favorite vacation destination of Australians. The beacon light is wonderful at sunset (and it’s the foremost easterly a part of terra firma Australia). There area unit a variety of music festivals over the year that attract international and native musicians alike.

Locals once more might flip their nose up at this choice, however it’s exhausting to argue that it is not a gorgeous place. However, the value you buy this can be that it’s holidaymaker central, home to thousands of backpackers at anybody time. Despite this reality, the kilometres of pristine beach, the weather, surfing, skin-dive, and different attractions can make sure that Byron Bay remains one in every of Australia’s prime holidaymaker destinations for years to return.

5. Fraser Island (Queensland)

Swimming in rock pools on Fraser IslandLocated simply off the coast close to Hervey Bay, Fraser Island is that the largest sand within the world. With over one hundred twenty kilometres of pristine beaches it is easy to grasp why thousands of individuals visit monthly. the foremost widespread thanks to get round the island is by hiring a 4 wheel drive for 2-3 days and explore wherever ever your fancy takes you.
With interior H2O lakes, rainforests with rare flora and fauna, the Dingo, wrecks for snorkelling and skin-dive, attractive beaches, and far additional, it’s no surprise this paradise is such a asked for holidaymaker destination.