Have You Ever Wonder What 200 Calories Looks Like?

Every time when we talk about weight loss and diet there is one thing we can’t miss introducing into the discussion: calories. Counting calories is the basic method of weight loss, which why it is adopted by almost all diet experts. You’ll say “yeah,we all know how to do it: just¬† read the food labels “. Yes,you’re right! But have you ever wonder what 200 calories looks like in French fries, avocado, broccoli or other foods “without labels” ?

If you don’t know the answer, these pictures will really help!

What 200 calories looks like:

This-Is-What-200-Calories-Looks-Like 2

This-Is-What-200-Calories-Looks-Like 3

This-Is-What-200-Calories-Looks-Like 4


Images source: healthyfoodstar.com

Infographic source: Evoke.ie

200 Calories Infographic by Evoke