Daily Relaxing Place: Fancy Bathtubs

Probably the most used and handy place to relax after a day of work and training at the gym, is the bathroom. Each of us spent at least 30 minutes a day in the bathtub so comfort is very important. Here are some types of bathtubs that bring relaxation to another level. Besides physical relaxation, this bathtubs relaxes you mental by their unique beautiful design.

When you say a comfortable bathroom must be a spacious bathtub.This huge stone bathtub makes you think of something primitive, such as a cave or a cool bath in a river. Even if it is very large, is the perfect idea for a unique and comfortable bathroom.

The shoe bathtub is the symbol of extravagance, femininity and luxury. Shaped like a woman’s high heel, this mosaic bathtub will be the hart of your bathroom. Turn your bathroom with the shoe bathtub into the most elegant relaxing place.

Did you ever wanted to see something else than your bathroom walls while you are taking a nice bath? If your answer is ‘yes’ then the Hikki bathtub is your solution. It is a outdoor bathtub and you can put it anywhere you like to. This is the best relaxing thing ever. It’s like a hammock, but upgraded.:)

The pink lighted bathtub creates a nice ambiance and offers you peaceful moments. Any bathtub you choose must be your daily relaxing place.

daily relaxing place